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United Arab Emirates

Yearbook 2010

United Arab Emirates. According to COUNTRYAAH, United Arab Emirates has a population of 9.631 million (2018). Dubai's Dubai leadership announced in March a comprehensive debt restructuring plan that was set to post $ 9.5 billion to the debt-laden conglomerate Dubai World, which handled all of the emirate's heavy investments. In September, the conglomerate announced an agreement to restructure its debt to the equivalent of US $ 24.9 billion. The settlement, which did not include the real estate developer Nakheel, had been approved by 99 percent of the creditors. Just a few days before the announcement, Dubai State Government had suspended payments on a debt of approximately US $ 555 million.

In May, a Syrian man was sentenced to life imprisonment for leading a league that smuggled Moroccan women into the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, abused them and forced them into prostitution. Thirteen other men were also convicted of involvement in the business.

United Arab Emirates Population

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